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Shahram's Journal
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Saturday, August 3rd, 2002
12:33 am
Ok...that one was a little bumpy.
Ok, so, oddly enough...I had a really great day today. Clinic is that thing that comes once a week, just in time to remind you. In, clinic, you see 'your' patients. People who actually come back. People you get to follow. and get to know and help. 2 of my patients in clinic were patients I saw several weeks ago, and rescheduled them to come back to check up on stuff. and actually see the rewards...ok i'm rambling...it was cool.

Also made me realize why I'm so grumpy working at the hospital...the Veterans hospital has a really, really sick patient population. And when you're taking care of sick people, its more than decided what dose of digoxin to give, its taking their burdens, despair, and worries. Thats really hard. because you start to care for them.

Um...I think I just grew up a little bit.

THanks for listening...that was the most cathartic thing I've done in a while.
Thursday, August 1st, 2002
9:06 pm
thank fucking god for videogames and the alternate existences they provide.
8:58 pm
Another worst 36 hours of my life
had to pronounce a patient dead last night. They don't teach u how to do that in med school. On top of that, after sleeping a few hours in the hospital, I get to wake up and get a page that one of my patients wasn't breathing.

And then the rest of the day is seemingly designed to inform me of how stupid I am. And yes, i paid an exorbitant amount of money and 4 years of my life just so I could have the privelege to do this glorious job.

Sunday, July 21st, 2002
2:04 pm
IF anyone is interested in playing neverwinter nights online, drop me a line...i've never been in a game with more than two people, and I think it would be awesome with 5 or 6.
1:12 pm
Just downloaded all the whitetrash shaolin tracks from the vitaminic site. Listening to wisdom,wiskey,&dharma on headphones, and damn...it sounds great!!

Now on the 'The one mind'...i really dig this one too

I gotta say: headphones are key when listening to this stuff.

Strong work..........

PS. i love the breakdowns in the hulk.
12:49 pm
My ad for today
127 year-old elven druid princess seeks others to share *rewarding online adventures.* Shoot first, ask later attitude a must. Only those with lots of *experience* need apply.


Neverwinter Nights for PC: D&D was never *this* much fun!
Friday, July 19th, 2002
6:11 pm
hey guys...i'm back

and i'm exhausted.

I've officially had the worst 36 hours of my residency so far. I was running around doing scutwork from morning to morning, and then I had to drive 30 min. to my clinic at noon. I was putting the car in park at red lights and taking 1 min. power naps.

And to top it all of, I literally dozed off for a second while closing my eyes to better feel a patient's pulse. I don't think he noticed, although I'm not sure how long I was out.

Reverend, sensai...hope u guys are doing well.

Mike, nightmare mode... good stuff, huh. Are u in hell mode yet...I never made it that far, but from what i hear its a bitch.

I should be online more often now that i'm allowed in the carpool lane of the internet highway.

Tuesday, June 18th, 2002
8:17 pm
so i'm procrastinating...
Nothing like being a level 48 Necromancer.....me and my posse

Current Mood: anxious
5:56 pm
The steady rhythmic clack of the rollercoaster slowed as my car approached the summit...
Just came back from the nurses orientation meeting... We we paraded around a bit. Its was interesting to see everybody look...some smiles, some scorns. U see, interns know nothing, and have to constantly badger nurses about the right way to do things.

Got to meet some of my peers for the first time. They all seemed pretty nice although noone really got past the exchange names part. I did exchange names with a nice persian girl who has the same name as my aunt...that's a first.

Things are shaping up for an incredibly exciting year...but i think I'll start out with my hands firmly around the safety bar, holding on for dear life.

Also, starting playing Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix (props to any game that references DNA). This is not one for the kids. Insanely gruesome, and a little too realistic for a game where u kill people...at least they're bad guys. Aside from all that, first impressions are rather good. Raven seems to have a really good handle on Id's Quake engine. It will be difficult for them to top their previous effort, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II. we'll know soon enough.

and thanks to babyraver for the welcome.

Current Mood: energetic
3:12 pm
trip to cali...
thanks to sensai for the shout-out. I'm diggng my new apartment here...waiting impatiently for my dsl to better navigate the mystical maze of SHITSTICK (http://whitetrash_shaolin.tripod.com/).

Got a nurse's welcome meeting today at the hospital. Interesting...i wonder what kind of welcome....

oh yeah..instead of waiting for all the pics to load on this page, go here to view the pics from our trip to cali from kentucky:


Current Mood: awake
3:47 am
3:19 am
Wednesday, September 26th, 2001
3:34 pm
XBOX, GAMECUBE, Halo, Munch's Oddysee, Dead or Alive 3, Luigi's Mansion, Metal Gear Solid 2, Silent Hill 2, Soul Reaver 2, Grand Theft Auto 3, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, Final Fantasy X, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Smuggler's Run 2, Star Wars Rogue Leader, Star Wars Galaxies Online...

Every one of these will be debuting within the next 3 months. It is an exciting time for videogames indeed. Even with the empire of Atari, there has never been a barrage of videogame content available to the public. But so much content, can the public handle it. Is there anything to learn from the dotcoms? History shows us that only two consoles have ever been able to survive simultaneously. Proven only too well by the recent dropout of used-to-be-hardware-giant Sega. Now, we have veteran Nintendo with Gamecube, usurper Sony with Playstation 2, and upstart Bill Gates with XBOX. (One thing I miss about SEGA is their originality in naming systems: Master system->Genesis->Saturn->Dreamcast)

But they all have gobs of money. LOTS. Many considered that Nintendo took a pounding from Sony by losing market share. Get this, they had NET sales of 5 BILLION in fiscal 2000. Sony has the home court advantage. And well XBOX...its got the muscle.

It doesn't matter who has the best machine. In this day and age, it comes down to who has the best games. Not just games, but EXCLUSIVE games restricted to just one system. In a masterfully conducted coup de tat, Nintendo just got the rights to be the sole console for all Resident Evil games in the next five years. XBOX has Dead or Alive 3 and Munch's Oddysee. The other big games on XBOX are already either out or will come out additionally on PS2 or GC. It will be an interesting Novemeber indeed. How will sony fight back? Three words and one number: METAL GEAR SOLID 2. This title is easily the most anticipated title in the history of videogames. Nothing has received more press, and rightfully so. Now it's true that Metal Gear Solid will come out on XBOX later, but everyone already has a playstation2. MGS2 on PS2 is due for release in mid-November, same time as XBOX and GC. Sony also plans to launch its online infrastructure in Late 2001, but I don't think it will be significant until 2002.

Nintendo seems to be sticking to their President's, Hiroshi Yamauchi, mantra: Quality, not Quantity. They stuck to this with N64, and frankly, I thought their quality games were very low quantity. It almost seemed like PS1 had as many AAA titles as the total N64 library.
Don't get me wrong, Nintendo is the master of making the Killer App to sell systems. People bought a N64 to play either Mario64, Zelda64, or Goldeneye. But Luigi's Mansion on GC looks like a saturday morning cartoon. That's ok. There's whole world of youngsters that need those kind of games...but they just don't have the money to buy them.

It's hard to predict this one. Playstation 2 looks to be the leading contender, with their MGS2/Final Fantasy X one-two punch. But, that doesn't change the fact that the PS2 IS limited. 4 Megs of RAM!!??--I'd LOVE to know what Ken Kutaragi was thinking. In addition, no console manufacturer has successfully launced two systems in a row. Everyone's raving about XBOX. Ok, so its a powerful machine, but so is my computer, and guess what...I have a lot more PS2 games that PC games. Its software that matters, and Microsoft needs to gather up some more third-party developers to make exclusive content. Nintendo...Sad as it is to say it, They may benefit from dropping out of the hardware business and concentrating on software, becuase, let's face it, Shigeru Miyamoto is a genius.
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