Shahram (ectopic) wrote,

Ok...that one was a little bumpy.

Ok, so, oddly enough...I had a really great day today. Clinic is that thing that comes once a week, just in time to remind you. In, clinic, you see 'your' patients. People who actually come back. People you get to follow. and get to know and help. 2 of my patients in clinic were patients I saw several weeks ago, and rescheduled them to come back to check up on stuff. and actually see the rewards...ok i'm was cool.

Also made me realize why I'm so grumpy working at the hospital...the Veterans hospital has a really, really sick patient population. And when you're taking care of sick people, its more than decided what dose of digoxin to give, its taking their burdens, despair, and worries. Thats really hard. because you start to care for them.

Um...I think I just grew up a little bit.

THanks for listening...that was the most cathartic thing I've done in a while.
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