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The steady rhythmic clack of the rollercoaster slowed as my car approached the summit...

Just came back from the nurses orientation meeting... We we paraded around a bit. Its was interesting to see everybody look...some smiles, some scorns. U see, interns know nothing, and have to constantly badger nurses about the right way to do things.

Got to meet some of my peers for the first time. They all seemed pretty nice although noone really got past the exchange names part. I did exchange names with a nice persian girl who has the same name as my aunt...that's a first.

Things are shaping up for an incredibly exciting year...but i think I'll start out with my hands firmly around the safety bar, holding on for dear life.

Also, starting playing Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix (props to any game that references DNA). This is not one for the kids. Insanely gruesome, and a little too realistic for a game where u kill least they're bad guys. Aside from all that, first impressions are rather good. Raven seems to have a really good handle on Id's Quake engine. It will be difficult for them to top their previous effort, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II. we'll know soon enough.

and thanks to babyraver for the welcome.
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